Monday, January 21, 2008

Spinach Week

So spinach week happened. Overall, impressions are favorable. I’m not going to say I didn’t have set backs, but I feel I learned a lot about myself and my relationship to spinach in the past seven days.

I began the week by learning to make a proper spinach dip. I’ll be honest, and say my first attempt was something of a failure. It had the dip consistency, sure, but I had clearly not added enough spinach. Luckily, as I had a surplus of pita chips, I steeled myself, supplemented my fresh spinach supply with some frozen chopped spinach, and tried again. Results were, by all accounts, yummy.

While spinach dip was a success, I had to pause and wonder if the healthy benefits of the iron rich spinach weren’t perhaps somewhat negated by the artery clogging cream cheese (or mayo in some recipes). This led to more serious measures, and I decided to get back to basics with a nice spinach salad. Or at least what I would call a spinach salad, but was later informed was really just a plate of raw spinach. My roommate came in half way through to find me watching Air Force One and grimacing over my lunch. She pointed out that people generally eat things with spinach. Lesson learned! But while not especially palatable on its own, I find spinach does work nicely with most other things. Perhaps I’ll experiment with dressings as I get more comfortable with spinach.

The need for spinach in other contexts inevitably led to a spinach calzone and a spinach quiche. The former I tried only a bite of, but seemed, as one of my friends said, to be a “spinach dream.” The latter I made myself tonight, and was not too shabby for not following a recipe. With such varied possibilities, I see no problem integrating spinach into my regular diet.

That about wraps up spinach week. I’d like to post pictures of me proving my new found love of spinach pictorially; however, when vegetablesarefriends takes off and becomes the new “it” blog, I do want to maintain some anonymity. To that end, please accept this reasonable facsimile:

Next week: Tomatoes!


Baryka said...

Well done! Just a little comment... That thing with so much iron in spinach is not really true... I think some scientists a long time ago made a mistake and since then people are being mistaken and believe that spinach is full of iron. At least I read this somewhere. But good luck with tomatoes! I love tomatoes... as I love pretty much all kinds of vegetables. :)

Megan said...

Nice facsimile. You should think about also recording a schedule and description of your bowel movements, as they will no doubt be affected by this change in diet. Regularity awaits you, my friend.

Tara said...

I am glad you have learned that spinach is something good. I love spinach. Good luck with tomatoes!

And, not to burst your bubble, but... the tomato is a fruit.

Love! Tara.

sharryb said...

What a fun read this was! And are we on the same wave length. I'm a tad bit older, but I have my vegetable problems too and am vowing to overcome them. Today I hauled out the juicer and juiced a carrot and some celery. So glad to see you in the blogging world. I'll add you to my link list right now.


Alexa said...

this is more directed to megan--
i once asked our blogger is her regularity was affected by the lack of vegetables in her diet and she said no. so i do wonder if the spinach will change anything. maybe she'll tell us if it does.

Andy said...

Spinach isn't just handy in the iron department.

It's also rich in a few of those vitamins (I forget which ones) and, unlike most vegetables, actually has a little bit of protein in it!