Monday, February 11, 2008

Bell Pepper Week

Bell pepper week ended on a sour note. Though this has little to do with bell peppers themselves and everything to do with my developing a stomach virus that prevents me from keeping down any food item, bell peppers notwithstanding. Its actually kind of fortuitous that I had been about to grill some peppers on my friend's George Foreman when I realized I felt kind of bad and declined. Otherwise bell peppers might have gone the way of any food that is the last thing you eat before mass vomiting ensues-- blackballed from one's diet for years! As it is, I probably won't be eating cheese dip for a very long time.

Also, luckily, because I am too sick to go to class or (apparently) to get more than 20 minutes of sleep together, I have plenty of time to update this blog with the fond memories of when I could eat. I'll keep this short regardless though because I doubt I'll be making much sense right now anyway. In the interest of brevity then, here's a list of my bell pepper conquests of the last week
  • bell pepper omelet
  • bell peppers on pizza
  • fajitas (definitely the best of the lot--those suckers are pretty good grilled)
  • raw bell pepper
  • bell pepper rings (not successful at all)
That's about all I can remember at present, but I'm pretty sure I ate more than that. Today would be the start of broccoli week, but for obvious reasons I am going to postpone it until whatever I have subsides. I really, really hope that's tomorrow. At any rate, broccoli week's post might come a little late, or else I might just decide to shorten it and try to get all the broccoli goodness in a shorter time frame.


Susan Thompson said...

Sorry you're feeling under the weather. Do not read this comment or even think about broccoli until you are better.

Just a thought about broccoli: It's good raw, overcooked, or any stage in between. You can put it in a crock pot with a stew and cook it until it falls apart and changes color and it's pretty good. Or you can lightly steam it, etc.

Broccoli/cheese soup is delicious. I don't really have a recipe as I would usually eat this at a restaurant, but there probably are some good canned products out there.

Also, there is a product called broccoli slaw available in the produce section of the grocery store. It is basically the stalk of the broccoli shredded into little sticks. Those are good in salads, sandwiches, stir fry, etc.

And then there's always just broccoli served with a generous amount of cheese sauce.

Susan T.

Cody said...

One secret about broccoli: for the little bit of stalk that remains on every piece, peel it. The outer layer makes it tough and stringy, and the broccoli as a whole is served well by its absence.

Also, for me personally, the soggier the better.

fafner said...

Thanks for the well wishes and recipe thoughts, Susan. I'm feeling a lot better now, though I'm still waiting on broccoli until my diet is completely back to normal!

Susan Thompson said...

I looked up this casserole recipe I used to make years ago. It's delicious. I think I'm going to start making it again. My cooking methods have evolved over the years, and I now do everything the easy way.

1. One bundle of broccoli, cooked. (Just the flowerets with an inch or so of the stalk).
2. One whole cooked chicken. (I used to actually cook a chicken for this, but now I'd just get a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and tear it apart.)
3. One small can of water chestnuts, drained.

Mix together for sauce:
1. 3/4 cup of mayonnaise.
2. 1 can of cream of mushroom soup.
3. 1 can of cream of chicken soup.
4. Curry powder -- don't remember amount...could be 1/2 teaspoon or thereabouts.
5. Grated cheese -- don't remember amount, probably a cup or two. The more, the better, I say.

1. Bread crumbs. (I used to make them in the food processor but now I'd just buy them at the store.)
2. Butter

Mix together (or layer if you prefer) in a casserole dish. Top with crumbs and dot with butter. I don't remember cooking time, but since the chicken is already cooked 30 minutes at 375 degrees should do it.

Melissa K. said...

You need to try stuffed bell peppers.

You take ground beef, mixed with a little rice or oatmeal, and stuff it into a hollowed out bell pepper. The red ones are the best because they're a little sweet, and so they're very tasty when you eat them in the end.

I highly HIGHLY recommend you try it the next time they make in the cafeteria (and I know they do).