Monday, April 7, 2008

Cabbage Week

First of all, I should apologize for not giving the promised update on avocado week. For all you faithful readers who were diligently checking back to see if you really can make viable ice cream from an avocado--I guess I've been uncovered as both a dirty rotten liar and a neglectful blogger. Again, apologies all around. Unfortunately, that avocado was forgotten due to my being busy this week. I'm a little worried that my life may be adversely affecting my commitment to vegetables.

Unfortunately, this will likely be a short one as I'm a little short on time this week as well; however, I'll try to get all the cabbage-y goodness into the post nevertheless. To that end, check out this monstrosity: Certainly, cabbage to the extreme. My cabbage eating was a little more contained. I got the joy of quarantining myself to work on my thesis and eating nothing but cabbage! I felt rather like an Irish peasant at times, but nevertheless there were high moments.

I thought the Reuben was pretty tasty (so tasty that I not only made more than one, but offered them to friends). I opted to go with the grilled-cheese-butter method because I really should test this lithe young metabolism while I have it. Unfortunately, while the sandwich was good, I think my least favorite part was probably the sauerkraut. I tried a bit of it on its own for comparison and decided its just not for me. Clearly, my German roots are failing me. But I guess its good to know that with enough corn beef and dressing, the taste can be suitably down-played.

Raw cabbage was a little better. I made a makeshift salad and was going to get really plucky and attempt a slaw, but was thwarted by not having vinegar. I really should plan my menu before going to the store at the beginning of the week because I hate having to go for just one thing. Its just a waste of gas really. At any rate, slaws aside, I made a cabbage soup which wasn't too bad. Not my favorite thing to soup, but still okay. I found myself missing the texture of the cabbage a little. Perhaps I'm growing inured to vegetable texture now? We'll call that progress.

Next week: corn!


Melody said...

Here is to youth and fatty foods. :)
Corn on the cob is the best way to eat it, just a little butter and salt.

Also when you are at the store look for el Torito brand (I'm a sucker) sweet corn bread mix. You add a can of creamed corn and... I forget, but yum. Almost like a dessert.

Susan Thompson said...

I think that was a big mistake, trying the sauerkraut on its own! I've never attempted it.

I'm wondering if the ellipsis in Melody's comment represents the omission of some crucial ingredient.

Anyway, on to corn. In the canned vegetable section of the supermarket there are these baby ears of corn. They look just like mini-ears of corn. Those are delicious on a salad, especially with creamy dressings like blue cheese and ranch. These baby ears of corn might also be in the Asian food section of the store. I'm not sure.

Corn is a nice, inoffensive vegetable. Even if you just open a can and heat them up with some salt and butter it's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Just be sure not to overcook your corn on the cob. Boil about 5 minutes. Also good is to scape it off the cob and cook with a little butter and milk.

Black bean, sweet red pepper and corn salad is popular these days.

Chinese restaurants have velvet corn soup. Worth a try.


Susan Thompson said...

Just thought I'd mention that an easy way to butter your corn on the cob is to spread a slice of bread with butter and rub the buttered bread on the corn cob.